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The world of erotic spanking unveiled
By LISA SCOTT – Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Peter Jones is a solicitor in his fifties and lives in London. He claims to be one of the most feared yet sought-after men in London. Why? Because beautiful women want to be put over his knee and spanked. His youngest to date is a 23-year-old woman who contacted him through Facebook and invited him to the home she shares with her 26-year- old girlfriend.

‘I normally set myself a limit of no one younger than 30 – they were an exception,’ he explains. ‘Women over 30 are mature enough to know what they want to experience.’

Regular gang bangs

If the words ‘dirty old man’ have already popped into your head, you probably won’t be alone (or even wrong) but Jones seems to provide a service women want. He has spent the past eight years meeting such women and hopes his book, True Confessions Of A London Spank Daddy, will prove as popular as other steamy warts-and-all accounts of sex lives penned by the likes of Suzanne Portnoy, the working mother who also enjoys regular gang bangs.

Of course, erotic spanking is nothing new. Victorian pornography was full of it. Spanking benches clutter BDSM clubs. And behind closed curtains, couples up and down the country use paddles and hairbrushes to satisfy each other’s fantasies. But it is the insight into the female mind that makes these memoirs so intriguing.

‘Most women want to create a scenario based on real life. So they’ll use the fact they’ve been caught speeding as a reason to be punished by the Spank Daddy,’ Jones explains.

Libertina, 37, from London works in finance. Although her husband doesn’t enjoy being spanked himself, he agrees to spank her to satisfy her kink and they’re now considering calling in a third party. Like the women Jones meets, she also likes to create scenarios (they’re not as glamorous as you might think). ‘My favourite is when I forget to use vouchers when I’m shopping online. Once it’s finished, that’s when the enjoyment starts. I enjoy feeling punished,’ she explains.

Many say they enjoy the pain because it releases endorphins. Others, like Libertina, say the humiliation is cathartic – something Jones believes is true. He meets various women who ask him to help them quit smoking, stop spending on their credit cards and lose weight. One woman, Ginny, became gym pals with Jones and their friendship soon spilled over into an occasional personal one.

Over the course of 15 months, she was ‘punished’ for any lapses in her routine or diet. Eventually she lost 19kg (3st) and is now due to get married – and owes it all to her spankings.

In a more emotional scene, one thirtysomething asked Jones to help exorcise her demons: ‘Jenny had a huge guilt trip that stemmed from a time when her child ran into the street because she wasn’t paying attention,’ he says. ‘A neighbour had to bring him back. After our session, she said she felt marvellous and her guilt had disappeared.’

Part of the excitement

So why don’t women ask their partners to do it – why go to Jones? ‘The biggest complaint from women is that their partners don’t spank them hard enough – they’re always afraid of hurting them,’ Jones explains. ‘Or they’re not strict enough. They want someone to give them butterflies. Anticipation is part of the excitement and you don’t get that with your partner because there’s too much familiarity between them.’

And what of the men? Poppy Williams is a high-class escort who lives in Canary Wharf. Among her many services, she also offers spankings. ‘Generally, the older they are, the more pain they like – I have found a lot of them are ex-military so there is definitely a link there. A lot work in IT, so I imagine they enjoy a strong human touch.’

Hmm. So next time the IT department messes up your computer, maybe you should threaten to spank them. Then again, maybe not. n True Confessions Of A London Spank Daddy is out now, £9.99, published by Accent Press. DO: Know the correct terms. The person on the receiving end is called a spankee and the one dishing out the punishment is the spanker. The spankee has to have complete trust in the spanker.

DO: Practise first. Accuracy is vital, so test your technique on a pillow.
DO: Aim for maximum pain with minimum physical damage.
DO: Set a limit and choose a safe word before you start. You might want to say stop! or no!, for example, as part of the role play, so the safe word is used unambiguously to stop the spanking.


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