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Candy is a real estate agent in Boston, Massachusetts, who was clearly looking for an adventure in life, and with a strong penchant for Dominant English guys, 39 years of age very successful at what she does, money was obviously of no great object to her , she lived the good life, when she posted an add on Craigslist looking for a English Gentlemen in his late forties or early 50’s for occasional fun and games, ideally she was looking for man who travelled frequently on business between London and either Boston or New York. We started to exchange emails probably a couple of times a week, and it was always lively banter, it transpired she was more of a switch in terms on her everyday existence in Boston, but was totally fascinated by what she had read about the public school system in the UK, and the mindset of the people it had created, despite me pointing out I was a mere Grammar school boy, she was undeterred, it was good fun exchanging thoughts views and fantasies, but it was clearly one of those online relationships that was never going any where, I wasn’t about to invest in an air ticket just to find out if this girl was for real no matter how attractive her photos looked and her ideas sounded, she certainly had a deviant mind. Though she was averse to talking on the phone which always worried me, and with so much else going on in my life, our relationship had pretty much petered out, my friendship with Nancy Montague was still going strong we met every four to six weeks for a session, nothing full on but enjoyable none the less, Anna seemed to have taken my warning to heart and had really turned her life around, with a new job, a new guy and a healthy bank balance, I had given up looking over her shoulder and had never had cause to carry out my threat, so much for those that say corporal punishment is no deterrent, throughout my life I had always found hat it was provided it was used sparingly and fairly but with sufficient force to ensure that the recipient didn’t want a second helping, erotic spanking was different and there was a place in life for both as long as it never became abusive.

Anna had moved to New York briefly with her new man, a literary agent by all accounts, and was going to be away for a couple on months, and I knew Nancy was thinking of visiting her, greedy as ever I considered the possibility of spending a weekend in New York with the pair of them and had idly wondered if Candy might consider joining us, she had assured me by email she was but given that she still wouldn’t discuss anything by telephone , I put the whole idea onto the back burner.

So it came as a pleasant surprise a couple of weeks later, to suddenly be invited by one of my clients to fly with him to New York to help him close a deal, I had done a lot of that in my early years, but it must have been 7 or 8 years since I had made such a trip, I had become jaded by that kind of constant travel and was nowadays fairly content to stay put, but this seemed like an opportunity just to good to miss. He was staying with a lady friend of his in the city and I booked myself into the Sheraton on 7th Avenue, right by Times Square, I deserved a treat, I had been working hard.

We flew together Club Class and in between planning the business part of the trip with Colin, I did stop to muse over whether Candy might appear, we still hadn’t spoken, she knew exactly when I was arriving and where I was staying, and had promised to show up at some point but some how I doubted it, but we could but dream, not wanting to embarrass myself at customs I had left the tools of my trade at home, I could always buy fresh ones, and one seriously doubted that Candy would be around to get her taste of an English School Cane which she so clearly seemed to yearn, at least according to her emails, I had booked my room as double, so that Nancy could stay over if we chose, we had never spent an overnight together before and it was high time we did, little did I know that probably the most frantic and pleasurable weekends of my life was about to unwind.

Immigration was quick all considered and a can quickly whisked us off to Manhattan dropping me at the Sheraton before taking Colin on to his final destination, it was early evening when I checked in to discover that “my lady friend had up graded us to a suite”, I had considered the move myself, but written it off on the grounds of cost, but now here I was a kept man, being lured by the pull of Nancy’s wealth just as much as her family was, I wasn’t sure it was something I wanted to get into, but it was kinda difficult to avoid. I followed the Bellboy into the lift and up to the suite an he opened the door and let me in, my mouth fell open, lying on the bed was the most attractive young brunette resplendent in a leather at suit, I had no idea who she was ,but the penny quickly dropped, this wasn’t Nancy but Candy, I quickly tipped the Bell Boy and he left without raising an eye brow, no doubt he has seen it all before.

Candy Martin I presume, I smiled at her, pleased to meet you, and pleased to me you Sir she replied, are you going to pour me a drink, I spied an ice bucket with champagne and two glasses and carefully popped the cork “ Lets raise a glass to our time in New York “ I announced as I flopped on the king size bed beside hr, I presume we are going to have some fun, I am sure you are Peter, she replied, youre friend Nancy was on the phone about half an hour ago and she has a treat or two in store for you too. Jesus what had I created here, never in my wildest dreams had I expected the two of them to end up talking to each other making plans behind my back. I am sure you’re tired from the trip announced Candy, I certainly was, jet lag was kicking in and I was ready to drop, let me help you relax, and with that she unzipped me and went down to give me the most exquisite blow job, unfortunately as soon as I was spent I drifted off to sleep, how embarrassing, when I woke the next morning, it was still dark, goodness knows what time it was, I was naked despite not remembering taking my clothes off, as I tried to twist over I discovered that, my arms didn’t come with me, neither did my feet, leather cuffs had been attached to all both ankles and wrists of them, and I was chained to the bed, not about to go anywhere, jeez what was I doing, Candy had talked about this sort of stuff in her emails, but now it was happening I was just a little scared, thankfully I could see the light was on in the adjoining room o the suite and could see, Candy asleep on the bed, but I wasn’t about to wake her, I simply lay there as the sun came up, wondering exactly what I had let myself in for, but quite frankly I was excited, very, very excited.

I must have lay there for 3 maybe 4 hours wide awake, waiting for Candy to disturb, when she did, she simply stood in the doorway, absolutely naked, other than she was wearing a strap on, this was one of my darkest fantasies that I had hared with her, for years I had dreamed about this, but had always been far to scared do actually do anything about it, now I was wondering if I had a choice, frankly even if I did, I knew what the choice would be, this was a moment to face my demons.

I wished her good morning, but she didn’t speak as she undid the chains, but not the cuffs, I was off he bed and into the toilet in seconds, I had been bursting in agony for he last few hours, the relief as I came back was palpable, “on the bed and on you’re knees boy” she drawled. Pointing at the king sized mattress, I did as she commanded, and quickly felt the cuffs tighten and my limbs were once more restrained to the four corners of the bed, next thing I knew a ball gag had been pushed in my mouth , the strap tightened and I was at her mercy. The jelly was so cool on my anus as she played with it gently, as she probed me with a finger I wanted to cry out but couldn’t, my cock was stood proud demanding attention and getting none, eventually I heard a low buzz, a soft rubber dildo was suddenly inching its way into me slowly very slowly vibrating its way into me, millimetre my millimetre, centimetre my centimetre, it felt as if it was about to touch the inside of my stomach, and then suddenly the low buzz became a fast hum, and I was writhing with a pleasure I hadn’t imagined was possible before. I tried to gasp but couldn’t as she withdrew it, and I felt the tip of the large rubber cock, slowly .but slowly enter me, I was dripping with sweat by now and the pain was building to the point where I wasn’t sure I could take it any longer but still I couldn’t cry out, it was such a gorgeous feeling though when with the dildo trusting deep inside, me she reached under me and grasped my cock, I came in buckets the second she touched it, as she finally withdrew I collapsed on the bed just about able to control my breathing, she left me lying there exactly where I was trussed up and gagged, I heard the door shut and then the shower running in the adjacent room, it was midday before she came and released me, you had better shower and dress she suggested, our lunch date will he here shortly. Never has I felt more refreshed than when the warm jets hit me, I dressed and returned to the lounge of the suite, there was no sign of Candy, just a note saying that she was meeting my friend in the bar and I should join them when ready, whatever next?

The two girls were chatting animatedly when, I joined them, I kissed Nancy on both cheeks and sat down, ordering a beer, I sure as hell needed one. Both the girls were drinking mineral water , Nancy spoke first, I hear you have had an interesting stay so far,I am sure I was blushing when I agreed with her that I had, how much had Candy told the older woman, not everything I hope, I had certainly seen the Domme side if Candy’s personality, I wondered when it would by my turn to switch roles as I knew we would, I am afraid I have an unpleasant task for you Peter, announced Nancy as she delved into her bag, pulling out what looked like a credit card statement, I thought you had sorted Anna out once and for all, but it seems that she has slipped again or has certainly started too, she took me to dinner three nights ago, and when it came to pay her credit card rejected, I had to cover it eventually, at first she insisted in was simply a glitch in the system, but when we got home we had a row and I insisted she show me this, she handed me the statement in her hand, despite the fact that the card had a £20,000 limit, she was over limit and no payment had been received the previous month. You made us both a promise Peter, I hope you’re not going to let me own now, Candy was simply wide eyed listening to this, have you discussed this with Anna yet I asked, is she still prepared to go through with it, I have no idea responded Nancy, her last words on the subject were that she was glad you were the other side of the Atlantic, I decided not to mention that you were boarding a plane the following day, I thought you would be a nice surprise for her. Oh dear, Nancy going just that little bit too far again, fortunately I had discussed this in some depth with Anna when we lunched after the initial let off, she was adamant then that, she was going to change and if anything went wrong, I must keep to my word, and I had promised her that I would, and I knew she meant it and so did I.

It would I am sure make her stomach flip when she suddenly bumped into me in New York, out of the blue a few days after being caught out by mummy, but I guess that’s the risk you take. Candy , announced Nancy would like to watch you in action, and I think that would be a jolly good idea, let her see what to expect from you, before she indulges her fantasies with you. Just one thought, I suggested, still half looking for a way out of this situation, that seemed completely out of control to me. This in New York, where do we get a cane from, you fret to much said Nancy, the customs officer didn’t bat an eyelid when he searched me coming in, “I brought Daddies” with me.

This was starting to sound like another plot to me, but to be fair I was running on adrenaline now and ready for anything.

Why don’t Miss Martin and yourself pop over to Anna’s this evening, she has friends coming around for drinks, and she seemed happy for me to invite my mystery guest from London with his girl friend. It was all arranged the script seemed to have been written


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The True Confessions of a London Spank Daddy (Unabridged)

My name is Peter, I’m 55 and I’m a Spank Daddy. I offer a spanking and disciplining service to women…

Discover an underworld of sex, spanking and submission. A world where high-powered executives and cuddly mums go to be spanked, caned and disciplined.

In this powerful and compelling book Peter reveals how his fetish was kindled by corporal punishment while still at school. How he struggled to contain it until, eventually, he discovered he was far from alone in London’s vibrant, active sex scene.

What he learnt on the scene helped him to understand the psychology of women who wanted to submit to submissive discipline. Many were professional women, often juggling a demanding job and family. They needed to occasionally relinquish all control, to submit totally to the will of another. Others sought a father figure who could offer them the firm security they remembered from their childhood when Daddy had been very much in control.

Chapter by chapter he reveals his clients’ stories as he turns their fantasies into reality. The writing is powerful, the stories graphic and compelling.

Discover an unknown world

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