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My Friend Addy

Necessarily You

…because sometimes it’s important

By Addy Cooper

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The Story:

Elizabeth Radley had never been spanked in her life, simply because she had never met anyone worthy of such an important task – until one night she ends up being hauled across the firm, long thighs of the utterly charming and deliciously domineering, Tay Curtis.

After that her fate is pretty much sealed and Elizabeth embarks on a relationship with Tay, embracing not only her new life in New York but also Tay’s crazy entourage, notably: his twisted and bitter ex-girlfriend Jenny who wants her boyfriend back even if it does make her look like a whack job; Pip, her best friend and “suburban sister” who loves to invent spanking aromatherapy oils; Jake, Pip’s husband who for all his patience is teetering on the edge of believing Tay’s way is the only way and drug dependant Monica, Tay’s sister, who wants nothing more than to fill her days with daze riddled paranoia if only she could get her hands on her inheritance!

Add to that a Liverpudlian chef with an obsessive compulsive disorder and a PA who secretly has the hots for her boss and you could probably understand why Elizabeth sometimes gets herself into scrapes worthy of a good hiding


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