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 Is now four years since my wife and I parted our ways and I remain single, and looking for that elusive lady to make my life complete again, there’s no going back to vanilla really but at the same time I am not looking for a slave, nor a doormat sub, where are the strong Alpha females, who want to live normal successful lives in the outside world, though feel the need to be taken in hand  by a kind caring Dom, happy to do their Masters bidding, simply because they know Master wont force them or even ask them to do anything they don’t thoroughly enjoy !


Inspired my my new friend Scarlett, I am ready to tell the next chapter  in the saga of my life, my search for someone who I want to share the rest of my life with and who is just as keen to be with me. my experiences to date suggest its not so easy, but its only going to take one woman, to change all of that, and i feel that moment is coming, fingers firmly crossed.


Time to start writing again, time to fall in love again …..


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