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The new edition of the book is now available on Kindle, time for you ladies and gents to take a read if you haven’t already.


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Tomorrow We Go Live

Many thanks to Emma and Scarlett Flame for all their help in relaunching my book on KDP which should be available on Kindles from tomorrow, so all of you spanking aficionados across the world go read it , this is not your normal fluffy wuffy erotica this is the real thing!

Real Discipline at its finest , the best 5 Dollars worth that you will ever experience, trust me, you wont be able to sit down for a week !


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So foolish subbies like me,

don’t have to do things like this.


Yes, it a table, duct-taped on top of a couple of bar stools,

upon which sits a cardboard box,

upon which sits a blanket,

upon which sits a chandelier waiting to be correctly hung.

(Still waiting…couldn’t figure out the last bit)

and if they do,

they get reminded,


why it’s SO much better to call an electrician,

or wait for their wonderfully handy man to come home.


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A New Beginning

My contract with Xcite books has come to an end a new edition of the book will be available on Nov 5th on kindle , come to my launch party find me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter @spankdaddyjones

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